Academic partnerships

For many years Vision has facilitated interns and work experience placements from national and international universities and organisations.

Vision has worked and is working with the following Universities;

  • Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
  • University College Dublin (UCD)
  • University of Seville
  • Limerick University
  • University of Padova
  • Dublin City University (DCU)
  • National College of Arts Dublin (NCAD)
  • Maynooth University
  • Technological University Dublin (TUD)

Through these academic partnerships we currently have student groups and individual students working on a large range of diverse and interesting challenges and projects that allow them to engage their learnings in the real world of business. 


Our innovation hub is facilitating the gap between research, academic learnings and the commercial and private sector through a wide range of flexible and innovative collaboration models.

Vision has an international team of consultants across a wide range of industries and sectors that offer consultancy and advice on a pro bono and fee basis.

Vision has relationships with Enterprise Ireland and the IDA facilitating and advising students, startups and companies new to Ireland of the ecosystem of government support to aid their organisation. 

With a cross cultural team from our own group of companies that in the last 5 years has had 20 different nationalities working in our innovation hub, we embrace diversity and enjoy the environment a rich mix of mindsets brings. 

We believe it has been essential to our growth, outlook and mindset. It has given Vision the ability to meet the most amazing people and build long term relationships and create some wonderful new ideas and companies. 

If you are a startup or a company that needs to innovate, contact our team.

We have flexible mentorship programmes that can facilitate startups and connect you to the correct government and private sector bodies that can advise, assist and evaluate your business. 

For established companies that require innovation to overhaul and pivot their business, contact our team and we can advise of our services. 

Maynooth university sponsorship

Maynooth University’s Entrepreneurial Society ran a Mini Dragon’s Den competition for all of their students in February 2021. Vision Creative Studios were the proud sponsors of the competition which had a €1000 cash prize. CEO of Vision Creative Studios, Aaron O’ Grady was also on the judging panel for the event.