Established over 25 years ago the Vision Organisation has a long tradition of working internationally with a diverse range of organisations. 

Our creative studio and innovative hub has become a centre for diverse and innovative companies. From startups to well established companies that are mid way through their growth they all have one common denominator, ambition. 

Ambition to grow and develop their organisations to deliver best in class products & services on an international level. 



Our culture is collaboration and from the start we placed on the side of the building “Strength Through Collaboration”. 

The studio is an event centre, a design centre, a collaboration centre and a co-working space quite like no other. 

It has been described as the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory for design by quite a few visitors independently. 30,000 sq ft over 3 floors with a large range of office sizes from 2 person to 20 person allowing for total flexibility. 

We simply have so much diversity and skill sets working in the studio. Facilities include a 40ft by 20ft by 30ft infinity wall for photographic and video production. This also allows for presentations at events and launch parties. 

A truly unique boardroom & meeting room known as the ‘Sky Cave’, as it suspends from the buildings infrastructure, is available for collaborators and visitors to use for brainstorming, presentations and events. 

There is also a number of reception areas, informal breakout areas and a canteen.  We are currently building a new bar for our hospitality area called the ‘No Horizons Bar’. We have over 12 small meeting pods and phone booths around the studio for quick impromptu chats and private phone calls. We have also placed in a sound booth for recording podcasts. 

We have 15 companies and hundreds of brands represented in Vision Creative Studios. With a cross cultural team, that in the last 5 years has had 20 different nationalities working in our innovation hub, we embrace diversity and enjoy the environment a rich mix of mindsets brings. 

We believe it is essential to our growth, outlook and mindset. It has given Vision the ability to communicate with local teams in their own language and deliver large and small projects across the multi faceted business divisions. Communication is the lifeblood of every healthy relationship and good communication when delivering fast, high quality and complex projects is made so much easier by local knowledge and experience. Our international network of suppliers, collaborators, clients and partners has made our reach truly global. 

Vision is also a regular sponsor, collaborator and contributor to the following charities; 



Mind over Matter – suicide awareness in the Design Industry 

Why Design – gender equality in the Design Industry

Suicide or Survive 

Make a Wish Foundation 

Strength Through Collaboration

Vision Creative Studios aim is to bring together as much talent in one space as possible to share our knowledge, expertise, contacts and resources to create a very unique space in Ireland.

Environmental branding for offices, retail, exhibitions & hospitality


We are a creative firm dedicated to transforming commercial, retail and office spaces into inspirational environments for staff members and clients. Our clients have been using us to implement their branding needs across many media in their different branches around the world. We deal with every project with a unique approach, adapting our successful model to our clients priorities and to the local cultures.



Vision collaborates with industry leading brands in acoustic products and solutions. Vision Also creates bespoke products from their ranges offering design teams a truly unique customised product. Using specialist printing techniques Vision can give design teams and clients the option to print their own vision and brand on; Acoustic Textiles & Fabrics, Wall Panels, Ceiling Baffles and Feature Acoustic Cut Out Panels. The Vision Vibe Acoustic System is a versatile acoustic system for use on walls and ceilings. The Vision Vibe System gives design teams complete creative leverage in terms of fabric finishes, colours and finished designs or patterns.



Our services include a team of designers that collaborate & facilitate architects and interior designers for space planning, visual communications and 3d rendering if required. The studio incorporates inhouse workshops and machinery that provide custom finishing of a wide range of materials including fabrics, wallpapers, acoustics, glass and woods and finishing for fabrics and soft furnishings.

Developing partnerships through research and collaboration

Vision R&D

Our research team investigates new innovative products which are then designed and tested to be introduced to wide variety of sectors. These sectors include the aviation sector, medical sector, interiors sector, consumer sector and materials sector. Our aim is to research, design and develop products to enhance human health.”

We Love Comfort


Buddabag is not a beanbag. Filled with the highest quality foam, it’s all bag and no beans! Once you dive into a Buddabag you’ll immediately know why it’s so special. So that’s comfort ticked off the list, but we’ve also got personal style covered. Whatever your tastes, there’s a Buddabag to suit you. We’ve got a barrage of different sizes and fabrics to choose from! Plus with zip-off machine washable covers you can instantly change your Buddabag to suit your mood.

Beautiful Living, italian design

Vita Italiana

Stunning designer Italian kitchens, bathrooms, living and interiors. At Vita Italiana, we are inspired by Italian Design and it is our mission to bring to you a collaboration of Italian brands for whom the pursuit of beauty, innovation, technical quality and taste are a categorical imperative. Delivering customisable Italian Living solutions to homeowners, architects, designers and innovators is central to our motivation.

You design. We create.

Love Decor

At Love Décor we create customised interiors using specialist printing techniques and high quality materials allowing interior designers and architects the facility to deliver unique concepts to clients with imagination being the only limit. Our cutting edge technology 3D surface printer can create any textured surface on a range of materials, tailored to each brief. Our 3D Collection is designed to inspire and illustrate what can be achieved.

Visual Artist

Manuela Greco

As a professional artist, her work is always informed by the true sense of Italian beauty. After studying at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Terni (Italy), Manuela received a Masters in Painting and Drawing and has dedicated herself to the constant study of images and colours, creating numerous figurative works. Manuela collaborates closely with Italian suppliers and producers, sales teams and installation teams to ensure that every Vision Creative Studios project is produced with impeccable aesthetic standards and has originality that guarantees that it belongs to the customer only.

Your lifestyle. Your tRACK.


tRACK is clear in its design- full of character yet discreet. This makes the shelving system suitable for any interior design style. These shelving solutions are individually manufactured using high quality materials, with filigree radii and noble colour compositions. With its grid diversity, tRACK skilfully sets the scene with your favourite pieces everywhere. 

Interior Design 

Conbu Design

At Conbu Interior Design we don’t just have the eye for interior design, we have the head for it. We marry creativity and style with razor-sharp project management skills to deliver your luxury home design or business from concept to completion. Angela has been the President of Ireland’s Interiors Association since 2014 and is a Judge at Ireland’s annual Fit-out Awards.