Recognition Device Facial And Temperature

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Complete device for epidemic prevention that allows: recognition of faces, detection of body temperature, detection of using mask, control of the presences and access all in one device. Simple and elegant, it is suitable for installation in any type of environment and allows you to have an alarm in case of too high temperature detection or unauthorized face. It can be easily installed in shops, companies, offices, stations, fairs, hotels, residences and any other environment.

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Additional Information
Vantages In Using The Device

• Compared to short range temperature reading guns the device is much more comfortable and reliable, also not requiring the presence of a nearby operator.
• Automatically records any temperature anomalies and related person.
• Supports network connection.
• Simple and versatile installation.

Technical Features

Camera resolution: 2 Mega Pixels
Image sensor: 1 / 2.8 "SONY IMX327
Optimal reading distance: 25-60cm
Error margin: ± 0.3 ° C
Reading time: ≤1sec
Detection range: 34-42 ° C
Recognition data: Portrait, mask
Detection: Biometric
Face recognition accuracy: 99.5%
Recognition distance: 0.3-1.5m
Recognition time: ≤1sec
Faces database: 15000 faces
Types of alarm: Alarm on display, voice alarm, alarm on mobile app
USB: Supported
Power supply: 12VCC, 12W
Working temperature: -20 – + 60 ° C
Screen size: 269x120x30mm
Available accessories: floor base h 110cm, table base