Universal Visors For Hard Hats

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Face shields are made of very thin 175 micron optically clear PET.
Face shields are attached to hard hats with velcro circles as illustrated in the picture below. It can be attached to a hard hat with no experience very simply. The very simple design allows the PET film which is a very tough yet flexible shield enabling adjustment to various types of hard hats.
Attached to the hardhats own Visor the shield is always away from the nose and face surface causing less likelihood of fogging and contact with the face.
Enhances protection from droplets and other irritants.

Hard Hat not included. Minimum quantity to be purchased: 10.

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10 193.50
20 293.25
50 10002.95
Additional Information
Weight0.030 kg

• Full-face protection
• High clarity
• Lightweight
• Easy to put on and remove
• Easy to clean and re-use
• A protective shield from bacteria