Antibacterial Reusable Micro Air Mask

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Microair Mask is 100% polyester microfilm with very thick texture, protected with a permanent antimicrobial to washing and never released. Microair Mask is indicated for every day use or other situations where it is required to minimize the transmission of bacteria, viruses and particles from the facial area to the surrounding environment,
The permanent anti-microbial treatment blocks microorganisms that come into contact with the mask.
The Fabric is guaranteed by OeKo-Tex Standard 100 which certifies the absence of harmful substances and the suitability with direct contact with the skin.
This is further confirmed by the MicroAir Mask achieving the highest rating of zero for cytotoxicity when tested to ISO 10993-5:2009.
The construction of the mask with the active antimicrobial facilitates it achieving 98.2 BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) when tested to BS EN 14683:2019 combined with a commendable result of 3.21 UFC (bioburden bacterial proliferation capacity).
Due to its unique construction this is achieved whilst having an average porosity of 5.9 micron which provides you with a mask that allows you to breath more easily than other masks with similar results.

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Additional Information
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• High breathability and maximum comfort.
• The light Polyester material has an Antimicrobial treatment attacking any virus or bacteria
• Protected by permanent antimicrobial
• Avoid irritation, allowing continuous use for many hours
• Washable and reusable up to 100 times
• Made in Italy
• CE certified
• Comfortable ear loops that make it easy to wear
• Minimize fogging if you use glasses.

How To Use

1. Clean / disinfect hands thoroughly;
2. Position the elastics well around the ears and place the mask on the nose and mouth by pulling it from top to bottom to completely stretch the folds, obtaining maximum face coverage;
3. The soft elastic bands allow you to adjust the length even with small knots;
4. Avoid touching the mask during use.
5. Clean/disinfect hands thoroughly after removing the mask.

How to Wash

The mask can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine, using a normal detergent and avoiding fabric softener (reduces antimicrobial efficacy). Hand wash: immerse the mask in a basin with water and a chlorine-based additive (e.g. bleach) for at least 10 minutes and then proceed with washing with detergent; make abundant and repeated rinses. Washing in the washing machine can be done up to a temperature of 90 °C but spinning must be avoided (the fabric dries quickly however); if washing at low temperatures, use a chlorine additive. The fabric maintains its barrier action and antimicrobial efficacy for 100 washes.